Dear guests, we would like to draw your attention to our house rules.

If you rent one of our lodges, you must read some rules in order to use them
also be able to comply with this during your stay in the Trahütti Premium Lodges.

* Check-in is possible from 2:00 p.m.
* Check out by 11:00 am.

- Pets are not allowed
- Smoking is not permitted in the lodges or on the balconies.
- Open fires are not permitted near or on the balcony of the lodges (due to fire risk)
- Engraving or writing on the wood is not permitted
- Wearing heels, tread soles, mountain and snow boots is not permitted on the stairs and on the 1st floor due to the authentic wooden stairs and floors that can be damaged.
- Oil frying or gourmet cooking indoors is not permitted
- Visits by guests during your stay must be announced/announced in advance.
- Music is great, but for other lodge residents and surrounding residents we would like the volume turned up so no one is disturbed by each other.
- The lodges are holiday homes. They should therefore not be used for any other purpose. They are not intended for parties, parties and commercial activities etc. in the broadest sense of the word.
- It is not permitted to take the appropriate bed linen and/or other bedding outside. The same applies to the furniture. What belongs in should stay there.
- We assume that (warm) water is used sparingly so that we all make a contribution to the climate.

What is there to stay overnight in each Trahütti Lodge:
- Total of 3 bedrooms,
- 1 bedroom, 1 with balcony and 1 king size bed, with 4 pillows and 2 duvets.
- 1 bedroom with 1 king size bed, 4 pillows and 2 duvets.
- 1 children's room with 2 hanging beds and a double bed. 4 pillows and 4 duvets.
- Baby camping beds available. (please notify in advance if necessary)

Bed linen, towels, tea towels and dishcloths are offered to you free of charge as an additional service and are available for use for the duration of your stay in the Trahütti Premium Lodges.

Departure conditions:
Before departure, we ask you to leave the lodge clean and tidy:
- The lodge must be swept clean.
- Place bed linen and hand/tea towels in the shower in the upstairs bathroom.
- The dishwasher must be emptied and the dishes and pans must be stored clean
in the kitchen drawers provided.
- All waste containers must be emptied and waste must be disposed of in the appropriate container or yellow bag.